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Easy Ways To Save On Washing Up When The Family Is Over.

If you have the family round and end up with two or three times as much washing up as people, here's an idea... Hand out distinctive wineglass charms and napkin rings so that there's no mistaking whose is whose.

This will help people not to lose track of their wine and grab another glass, and it'll help you keep more clean napkins ready for the next meal.

Then at the end of their visit, you'll have less to wash, which means you'll be saving water.

It takes about two full glasses of water to clean a dirty one. And unless you're eating BBQ with your hands every meal, there's no need to toss an endless number of napkins into the washer.

If you're hosting the family and you've got fewer napkins or glasses to clean, you'll actually end up with more time for playing practical jokes on your parents and siblings.

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