About Us

The Wisdom Trust was founded in 2003 and gained registered charity status in November 2005. Through our work, we aim to increase awareness about the big issues facing the global community - poverty, environment, health and community cohesion.

To date we list over 7,000 registered members, and work to support over 700 charities and good causes - in 32 countries, worldwide.

Our fundraising total topped the £16,000 mark in 2012 with up to 70% of that income being set aside for donations to the other charitable organisations we support. A further 25% of our income is used to enhance our education programs and to help people 'make a difference'.

In order to meet these commitments we operate a minimalist approach to overheads. We are run entirely by volunteers and operate from offices kindly donated to us by our friends and supporters. Our policy is to spend no more than 5% of our total income on admin and running costs.

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