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Creating A Wider Awareness About Big Global Issues - Poverty, Environment & Health

By registering online, management, staff and their families can become friends of The Wisdom Trust and, as such, will be able to learn more about the important global issues of poverty, environment and health through our online education programs. They all even have access to hundreds of simple tips that show what they can do to help protect the environment and improve their own health.

As friends of The Wisdom Trust, they'll also accumulate credits (known as fundraising credits or FC's) by using our online education programs. These credits are stored in a personal fund, and can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Making a donation to one of our listed charities/good causes
  2. Applying for an eco-grant to help fund things like solar panels, wind turbines, water butts etc.
  3. Offsetting individual or business carbon emissions
  4. Applying for an education grant towards tuition fees at univerity or college


Two New Fundraising Streams For Churches & Other Place Of Worship - Monthly, Quarterly & Annually

Once registered on our website, a company's CSR activities fund will be allocated regular amounts from our Members Funds, based on how much their staff and families etc. use the website's online education programs or its other online resources (shopping mall and search engines etc.).


Reaching Out Into The Local Community - Making A Difference & Spreading Goodwill

Friends of The Wisdom Trust will be able (and are even encouraged) to build links within their local communities by nominating other organisations to be added to the list of supported charities and good causes. We accept any organisation, as long as their business model is 'not-for-profit', so this includes schools, churches, charities, hospitals, good causes, community organisations and even local sports clubs.

Through The Wisdom Trust's free carbon offsetting program, they'll also be able to work towards creating a carbon neutral community within their town or village, by getting as many people involved as possible.


1. Register The Company's CSR Activities With The Wisdom Trust

Companies can register as a 'corporate' friend of The Wisdom Trust using the link below, then promote The Wisdom Trust (by email, in company newsletters or even through a link on the company's website, for example) to staff and their families (and even to their customers), who'll be able to register themselves as 'individual' friends of The Wisdom Trust. The registration process is quick, free-of-charge and very simple - they'll only need to provide an email address, then make up a password to complete the short online registration form.

2. Build A Donation

Then, every time they use The Wisdom Trust website as a gateway for searching the internet or shopping online, and especially when they use the website's built-in education programs to learn more about poverty, environment and health issues, they'll be raising money automatically for their company's CSR activities in particular, but for all the other listed charities and good causes as well.

3. Fundraising Made Simple

Where will this money come from? Well, at the moment, whenever someone uses the internet, it's likely that all their online activity is creating advertising revenue or ecommerce commissions. Mostly, this money will be paid to their own internet provider, but many other online companies will get a share too.

However, by choosing to divert some or all of their searching and shopping through The Wisdom Trust, everyone can make sure that the money reaches where it's needed most in the future. And of course, in particular, they'll be diverting some of it to their own company's CSR activities. They won't need to change internet provider or their current email address or indeed alter any other way they use the internet, except to click through The Wisdom Trust website when they wish to search or shop online.

4. Getting More Involved

But The Wisdom Trust doesn't only operate online. We organise and participate in a whole range of outside events, including environmental fairs, exhibitions, seminars and conferences. We also run a roadshow which can visit schools, universities, community groups and other venues, to talk to people about the work of The Wisdom Trust and to discuss how anyone can get involved to help make a difference.

All members will be able to participate in any of our events, maybe even as part of The Wisdom Trust team and promote their own favourite charities or other local good causes through our events. But everyone can help with online research into more facts, statistics and information about the three key issues and contribute in the development of our future education programs.

All members will be able to nominate other organisations in their communities to be added to our list of supported charities and good causes, then other members will be able to link to their website and maybe even vote for them through the members' poll. The staff of any company who joins us, and their families, will all be able to participate in our members' poll to help choose the charities and good causes we donate to through our main donations fund.

One of the main ways The Wisdom Trust grows is by word of mouth, so all our members are encouraged to help spread the word by introducing all their family, friends and neighbours who use the internet, wherever they are in the world. Our system will track the many lines of introduction and ensure that the company receives extra benefit for their CSR activities when their staff introduce others to our program.

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The Wisdom Trust is committed to playing its part in relieving poverty, protecting our environment and improving world health, and within a few clicks, you too can be part of our work. We offer a unique experience, allowing people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with charities worldwide, and enabling them to learn or contribute to our work whenever they can. We work hard to make this as easy as possible; our education and fundraising programmes run at no cost to our members and both are linked to our loyalty credits scheme, so anything our members do to help the global community also benefits themselves!

By working together, we can make a difference. We can improve our world for the benefit of all. Join us today and be part of our future. With The Wisdom Trust, even doing just a little can still help a lot.