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Our Mission

The charitable objective of The Wisdom Trust is to generate a wider awareness about the big issues facing the future of our planet, such as poverty, the environment, health and community cohesion, through innovative online education programmes.

We also set aside up to 70% of our income to support other charities, good causes and not-for-profit initiatives in local communities all over the world.

Operating across the international community, we will continue to engage individuals of all age groups and backgrounds, as well as charitable organisations and private companies, to spread the word even wider and support more and more organisations, including schools, hospitals, youth groups, cultural projects, environment initiatives, sports clubs and other vital local community groups.

And we place the decision about which organisation get a share of our quarterly donations fund in the hands of our members and website users through an online vote. This ensures that as many organisations as possible can benefit from the funds we create.

We're also keen to promote involvement and volunteering and strive to offer a wide range of opportunities for people of all age groups in areas such as marketing, events management, website design, PR, media and fundraising.

Our mission is achieved through a series of principles that guide how we work: we call it The Wisdom Trust Way.

- We guarantee that signing-up is not a life-long commitment; it just makes you a member. What you do then is your choice.

- We continually aspire to provide a flexible range of educational tools, accessible to a diverse global population 24/7.

- Our view on fundraising is clear and our concept unique - no hands in pockets and active support of the charitable community as a whole.

- We aim to empower people, of all age groups and backgrounds, by suggesting simple ways of doing their "bit".

- By working together, we achieve more, so creating friendship, goodwill and understanding across all borders is core to our mission and our success.

- We believe that maximum visibility means minimal confusion and we aim to be 100% accountable for our activity and our expenditure.

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