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New User? Here's Some Notes For Getting Started

Once you're registered as a friend of The Wisdom Trust, these notes will help you get started, including:

  1. How to earn credits (Fundraising Credits, or FC's & Gift Credits) to divert money to your chosen charities and build your own personal wisdom Trust 'charity/grant' fund.
  2. How to vote to make sure your favourite charities get as large a share as possible of our main donations fund.
  3. How to contribute to our fund without any effort, and, more importantly, without the need for you to put your hands in your pocket.
  4. How to introduce your friends, family and colleagues to join us too.
  5. How to invite other charites and good causes to sign-up as one of our listed organisations and receive donations from our fund.

There are also a series of powerpoint presentations on the website to help you find out more about how The Wisdom Trust works and how you can become an important part of our team, helping us make a difference all around the world, as well as supporting your own favourite good cause at the same time.


What do you need to do?

  1. Try to log in every day, or three times a week, and use the education programs (particularly Wisdom Aware and Wisdom IQ - accessed from the Education menu) to earn credits (Fundraising Credits or FC's). Aim to get an average of 10 or 11 per day (you get one FC for every question you get right). Get into the habit of this so it almost becomes second nature. You can check the current value of your own personal Wisdom Trust 'charity/grant' fund online 24/7 using the stats link on the Members menu. And you can see your position in The Wisdom Trust hall of fame using the Hall of Fame link on the Members menu.

    Remember, your personal Wisdom Trust 'charity/grant' fund grows in value for every Fundraising Credit you get. You can use the value of your fund to a) make donations to any of the charities and good causes on our list; b) apply for a Wisdom Eco Grant to help fund things like solar panels in order to reduce your carbon footprint at home or at the office;c) apply for a Wisdom Education Grant (if you're a student or former student) to offset the cost of your education; d) use our carbon calculator and offset some of your personal carbon footprint.

    Every now and then, you'll get the opportunity to earn Gift Credits instead of Fundraising Credits. These build up on your account and you can donate them at any time, to any of the charities and good causes on our list. To donate your Gift Credits, go into Wisdom IQ (from the Education menu) and click on the donate button at the bottom of the screen. A voucher will appear and you select how many Gift Credits you want to donate and the charity you wish to donate to.

    **** IMPORTANT **** Start-Up Bonus Awards: Within your first 2 weeks, if you get 60 FC's and introduce 2 new members who each get a minimum of 15 FC's, you'll be awarded 10,000 extra FC's as a special start-up bonus. Then encourage the two new people you brought on board to do the same. And when they get their award we'll add a further 2,500 FC's to your total.

  2. Help us choose the charities and good causes we support by using the Vote link on the Members menu. You can vote for one organisation on each of the two drop-down lists. And if you should reach 10 FC's in a day, you'll get another vote.
  3. Every day, you can help put some money into our fund without putting your hands in your pocket....

    1. You can run a few of your normal online searches on each visit, using our partner search engines (Search on the Resources menu).
    2. Or you can run a few price comparisons for things you might want to buy on each visit, using our partner price comparison engines (Pricecheck on the Resources menu).
    3. You can also simply visit the websites of some of our featured advertisers (Surf on the Resources menu).

    Every search, every price comparison and every visit to an advertiser's website earns money for our fund. Aim for 2 or 3 of each of the above 3 activities on each visit.

    And if you shop online, you can shop through The Wisdom Trust shopping mall (Shopping Mall on the Resources menu) and everything you buy will earn money for our fund, at no extra cost or inconvenience to you.

  4. Once you're in the habit of doing the above three things every day, reach out to some of your friends and family - especially those who already have a passion for helping charitable causes - because we can help them raise money for their favourite good cause.

    You'll find two standard emails using the Invite New Members link on the Members menu, one for individuals and one for charities. Use the appropriate links to send these to yourself, then forward them from your email address to any of your friends, family or colleagues who use the internet, especially those who already shop online, and even more so to those people you know who are passionate about raising money for one good cause or another.

    Once people start to sign-up and become part of your own Wisdom Trust network, you can check the state of your personal Wisdom Trust family tree using the Genealogy link on the Members menu.

  5. Use the standard email for organisations, detailed in point 4, to invite any organisations you know who need to raise money. Talk to them first, find out the right contact name and email address then send them the email from your personal email address. They can register themselves on the website and then invite all their supporters to join too in order to vote for them.

**** SPECIAL INCENTIVE FOR SCHOOLS **** Every month, the student at each school who through their various introductions to family, friends and neighbours etc., produces the most online shoppers during the month, will receive a special prize. One prize will be allocated per month to each participating school and all winning students will receive a certificate in addition to their prize.

So to summarise... on each visit, you a) learn something new; b) earn 10 or 11 FC's; c) vote for your favourite charities; d) run 2 or 3 searches; e) run 2 or 3 price comparisons; and f) visit the websites of 2 or 3 of our advertising partners. Six things to do on each visit - probably about 10 minutes effort each time. And invite three or four of your friends to do the same.

Remember, our motto is: "Do A Little - Help A Lot!"

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