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1. Introduction.
2. Volunteering Opportunities.
3. Need Some More Information About How To Get Started?
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1. Introduction.

Alongside Wisdom TV, Radio Wisdom is another of our exciting media projects. Conceived, planned, design, organised and presented by a team of skilled and enthusiastic volunteers, Radio Wisdom will feature a wide range of shows, and is gearing up for its launch in September 2011, although some pre-launch broadcasts may be tested during the previous two months.

The plan is to operate a 24/7 schedule with a diverse range of mostly recorded material to reach out to as wide an audience as possible - all ages, cultures and backgrounds, anywhere in the world. But there would also be the opportunity to run some live broadcasts from Wisdom Trust events.

Furthermore, there would be the real opportunity for some Wisdom Trust members to present a live show on Radio Wisdom from anywhere in the world. So, in theory a teenager in Brazil, for example, could present a regular live broadcast from their bedroom in Rio de Janeiro.

Broadcasts on Radio Wisdom will include material such as music, book reviews, quiz shows, interviews, news, chat shows, storytelling and local material from and relevant to communities all over the world. We’ll also regularly feature news items and stories of projects from our partner charities or from other organisations like schools.

Wisdom Facts - Learn Something New
If the potential for wave power was fully-utilised all around the UK, it could provide up to one third of the nation's electricity.

A pop-up display control box would accompany the audio side of Radio Wisdom and this could feature news, eco-tips, weather, health tips, adverts from both charities and commercial organisations, charity profiles, images, quizzes and, from time to time, special opportunities for members to get extra FC's and extra votes.

Radio Wisdom will be available to everyone, all over the world, whether or not they're already a member of The Wisdom Trust.

2. Volunteering Opportunities.

Volunteers and Interns (and anyone else connected with The Wisdom Trust, of any age or background - anywhere in the world), who have relevant skills and experience in radio, media or production or just an interest in this field can choose to be part of the Radio Wisdom team, covering tasks such as presenting, producing, directing, designing, editing, writing, IT and other relevant tasks to make Radio Wisdom TV a big global success.

If you feel you’d like to contribute, do get in touch with our media team by email on [email protected] or by calling us on 01883 341199. Tell us where you feel you could contribute most to help us achieve success with this project then get on board and help us make a real difference in the world.

Wisdom Facts - Learn Something New
443 million school days are lost each year from water-related illness.

3. Need Some More Information About How To Get Started?

Click here for more information about how to get started as a friend of The Wisdom Trust.

4. Sign-Up Today And Start Making A Difference.

For more information, contact The Wisdom Trust team by emailing us at [email protected] or by calling us on 01883 341199.

To get yourself registered, if you've not already done so, just click on the link below and start making a difference straight away. And make sure your own favourite charity or good cause is listed on our website. If it isn't yet, just send them a link so they can sign themselves up as soon as possible. Then you and all their other supporters can start voting online and using The Wisdom Trust website to raise additional funds to support their work, at no additional cost or inconvenience to anyone.

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