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1. Introduction.
2. Our New Campaign To Schools.
3. Areas Where You Can Help.
4. Stay In Touch.
5. Sign-Up Today And Start Supporting Your Favourite Cause.

1. Introduction.

The Wisdom Trust is organised, run and staffed entirely by volunteers. With this in mind, we are always happy to talk to anyone who would like to help our cause by donating some of their spare time to assist our activities.

We are a truly unique charity - one of a kind. We're already reaching out all over the world, supporting the work of over 700 charities and good causes in more than 32 countries - and we're still only a few years old.

Wisdom Facts - Learn Something New
443 million school days are lost each year from water-related illness.

And although our fundraising support for other charitable causes is important and provides a vital new funding opportunity for large and small charities alike, our main goal is to educate people about poverty, environment and health - and to help them apply that new knowledge by showing them hundreds (even thousands) of simple practical tips which everyone can bring into their own lives to a) reduce their personal carbon footprint and b) improve their own health.

2. Our New Campaign To Schools.

Now, as part of our global campaigns, we're looking to expand the reach of our education programmes. We're just about to start working on a campaign to eventually reach out to more than 300,000 schools all over the world.

We want to help students and young people (and their parents, families and friends) learn more about the big global issues affecting the future of our planet - mainly poverty, environment, community cohesion and health.

We'll be offering them learning tools on our website together with lots of great tests and quizzes so they can see how much they've learned so far and assess their performance compared to everyone else in their class, or in their school or all over the world.

There'll be certificates and recognition for all students who get involved and aspire to be one of the best in their class. On top of that, all the students in a class can work together to make their class the best in the school and the whole school can work together to make their school the best in the country.

But not only that, we'll be raising money from their use of our website with over 5,000 carefully-selected commercial partners and donating that fund to support the work of participating schools and of many other charites and not-for-profit good causes in their communities.

Right now, we're looking to meet with everyone who'd like to consider joining our team of volunteers to help us with this and all our other campaigns. Whatever your skills and experience, we'd like to chat with you so we can assess better where you could help us.

We're going to need a lot of people in order to ensure the success of this new campaign for schools in particular - and if we are successful, we'll be supporting not just 700 charities as we are now, but potentially several million charities and good causes all over the world. This will ensure that over the next five years, The Wisdom Trust, together with all our new partner schools, will be making a serious contribution to reduce climate change, relieve poverty, enhance community cohesion and improve world health - and it will be a campaign driven forward by the young people on every continent.

3. Areas Where You Can Help.

So what can you do to help us make a difference all over the world?

We're looking for people to help us in all areas of our operation, and in particular for people who can become part of our management team for their own area of expertise to help co-ordinate all our other volunteers in that field. For example, we're looking for volunteers with particular skills (and possibly experience too) in:-


Our PR team will work together to design and implement a strong PR/media strategy, to ensure that our public profile is always positive and to help prepare perfect press releases every time. With regard to our upcoming schools campaign, we'll be looking for our PR team to run campaigns in the local press here in the UK, particularly in those areas where we're working with schools, so that we can reach out into the local regions to engage other groups in the community.

We'll also look to our PR team to keep our campaigns in the national media (TV, radio and newspapers) whenever possible - and in each country where we start activities - so that public awareness about The Wisdom Trust and about The Wisdom Trust 'brand' is always high.

If you have experience in the PR or media industry do get in touch with us as soon as possible to see how your skills can help us succeed in our schools campaign.

Wisdom Facts - Learn Something New
270 million people live with no access to health services.

Website Designers & Developers

The present website was put together originally by two of our trustees, who knew nothing about website design when they started. But the time has come for us to acknowledge that with some big campaigns on the horizon - especially our worldwide campaign to schools - we now need something a bit more special.

With that in mind, we're currently in the middle of a complete rewrite of our existing website to provide us with the foundations for a fantastic online adventure to excite and educate all our website visitors whatever their age or background.

In particular, we want to make sure that our new website has a definite 'cool' factor to keep young people interested enough so they choose to return to the website for more of the same, again and again.

It's a big job we've set for ourselves, but with a potential worldwide audience of over 100 million people (including students, their parents, families and friends), we could be putting something together now which could end up being even bigger than some of the big social networking sites (for example).

So we need a large team of experienced programmers who can help us ensure that every page on the new website is constructed with perfect 'industry-standard' coding in order to operate as fast and as efficiently as possible.

And of course, we're also going to need some experienced designers who can make sure every section of our website is both exciting and appealing, and easy-to-use too.

Finally, all our website programmers and designers would need to be just that little bit extra special, working together to take all the wonderful ideas coming out of our Education, PR and Marketing teams and turn those ideas into a fantastic online experience for our users.


We're looking for people with all sorts of relevant legal experience to help us ensure that all our activities are compliant at all times with current legislation (in every country where we're active), and to check through any contracts and assess any legal risks.

If you have any legal experience do get in touch today and join The Wisdom Trust volunteer legal team.


With so many incredible projects all coming along at once, we're going to need some volunteers with experience of strategy planning to help us with forward planning and with co-ordinating all the various strategies from all areas of the operation, i.e. to make sure we move forward with 'joined-up thinking'.

For example, with regard to our upcoming campaign to schools around the world, we'll need to make sure we have the right strategy planning in place to ensure the whole operation runs as smoothly as possible. So if you have experience of strategy planning, do contact us today to see how you can help us.

Wisdom Facts - Learn Something New
On average, it takes one tree grown to maturity to soak one tonne of CO2.


We think our editorial team will become one of the most important parts of our whole operation, being responsible for composing all our newsletters, articles and factsheets as well as ensuring that every word, phrase and paragraph on our website (and in hard copy) is relevant, accurate, easily-understood and as concise as possible.

So if you have any experience in editorial matters, copywriting or proofreading, we'd like to hear from you today. Although most of the work of the editorial team can be done online, from home at times to suit each person, there will be weekly opportunities to meet up and discuss our editorial strategy round the table. These meetings will take place in a range of locations and sometimes online too.

Events Management

We're hoping to put together a team of brilliant events management specialists to help us deliver an exciting and innovative range of events of all types, all year round, including roadshows, festivals, seminars, training courses, fundraising events and new campaign launches. We also need a team of people to help us meet & greet the people who'll be attending our weekly open evenings in London and elsewhere and to prepare an interesting evening of varied content on each occasion.

If you have experience in event management or as part of an events team, contact us today to see how you can be part of this exciting team. With regard to our new campaign aimed at schools, for example, we're particularly interested just now in putting together a roadshow event to tour round schools here in the UK.

Our plan is to develop an events program where we're organising at least one event every week, in addition to our weekly open evenings. These will be a mix of music events, sports-related events, quiz nights, karaoke, fundraisers, outdoor events, networking and social evenings, education events and sometimes dance nights too. But we'll consider all ideas - so get your thinking cap on. We want our events program to allow us to engage with all kinds of people (in all age groups) and to show them that The Wisdom Trust isn't just about serious issues, it's about having fun too.


We're looking for some people with experience in all areas of financial matters to join our new Finance team to help us look outside our normal funding avenues to other funding opportunities. We'd also like this team to assess any possible financial risks and later on to advise on any investment opportunities for our fund. If you have any relevant financial experience, do contact us as soon as possible to get involved in our finance team.

Wisdom Facts - Learn Something New
Before the Industrial Revolution, around 1780, CO2 levels were 280 parts per million. The level of CO2 in the atmosphere today is 382 parts per million.

Healthcare/Medical Issues

Our Healthcare team will be targetted to ensure that the healthcare information and health-tips on our website are as comprehensive as possible, as well as being accurate, relevant, up-to-date and interesting. Potentially our worldwide audience could exceed 100 million young people and their families so the information we're sharing with them could make a valuable contribution, not only in creating more awareness about the state of health and healthcare around the world, but in helping to improve the health of all our members as well. If you have experience in any area of the healthcare industry do get in contact with us today and join our Healthcare team.

Environmental Issues

Our Environment team will be targetted to ensure that the environment information and eco-tips on our website are as comprehensive as possible, as well as being accurate, relevant, up-to-date and interesting. Potentially our worldwide audience could exceed 100 million young people and their families so the information we're sharing with them could make a valuable contribution, not only in creating more awareness about the dangers of climate change and environmental destruction, but in helping to change people's behaviour to reduce their personal carbon footprints and help protect their local environment. If you have experience in any area of the environment or wildlife sectors do get in contact with us today and join our Environment team.

Education Strategy

We hope that our Education Strategy team will comprise of people with a strong background in education (teachers, for example, or even retired teachers or headteachers). The task of this team will be to help us ensure that our education (both online and offline) is delivered in as interesting, enjoyable and informative a way as possible, so people of all age groups learn something new on each visit to the website and choose to come back for more, as often as possible.

We want our Education team to use all their collective experience to imagine, discuss and design innovative and exciting new education programmes to add something new to our existing library of programmes, helping all our users more to learn about the big global issues and about what they can do to help make a difference.

The Education team will work closely with both the Environment team and the Healthcare team to ensure the information they provide is delivered to our users via the range of proposed new education programmes, and they'll work with the Website team to make sure the programme ideas are turned into amazing online tools for learning. If you have experience in any area of education we urge you to contact us today and join our Education team.


The task of our Marketing team will be to help us put together fantastic marketing campaigns, preferably at zero (or little) cost, both online and through our media contacts, in co-operation with the PR team. We're particularly interested in using social networking websites as marketing tools, and we'd like to experiment with viral marketing as a tool to reach out to as many people as possible, with minimal effort.

Our Marketing team will work closely with both our PR team and our Events Management team to deliver the best possible marketing campaigns - with fantastic results every time. If you have experience in any area of the marketing industry or even if you consider yourself a brilliant networker, do get in touch with us as soon as possible to join our Marketing team.


We're looking to put together a Fundraising team which will closely study all methods of fundraising, with the exception of ever asking our members for donations - we just don't do that.

Much of our fundraising is done through the website via our various affiliate marketing agreements and we'd encourage our Fundraising team to work closely with our Marketing team to implement a disciplined viral marketing campaign to increase our income substantially over a relatively short period of time.

But we'd also like our Fundraising team to look at other opportunities - fundraising events (for example), working in co-operation with our Events Management team, and even reaching out into the corporate world to seek donations from there.

Finally, we hope our Fundraising team will be able to assess and apply for any funding available from other trusts and foundations. If you have experience in any area of fundraising do get in contact with us and join our Fundraising team as soon as possible.

Wisdom Facts - Learn Something New
30,000 children die every day through starvation or from preventable diseases.


One of the main areas from which The Wisdom Trust generates funds is from our extensive range of commercial partners. These include online shops, search engines, auction houses, price comparison websites and general advertisers, all of whom pay us a fee for advertising on our website, or for each completed search or price comparison and (in the case of online shops) when someone makes a purchase from their website after linking to it from ours.

We need a team of well-organised people to form a Commercial team, whose responsibilities will include the management of all these partners to ensure that we're promoting them adequately on our website and that any adverts or banners are relevant, current, seasonal (where appropriate) and up-to-date. We have over 1,000 shops and search engine partners alone and this could expand to many times that number. But if managed correctly, the potential income from all these partnerships could be substantial.

If you are a well-motivated, organised person, who enjoys a challenge, why not contact us to become part of our Commercial team and help us put together one of the most exciting shopping experiences on the internet, generating huge sums for charity every month, You'll be able to work almost entirely from home, on your own computer, so your working hours can be very flexible indeed.

Media, TV, Radio & Newspaper

We hope to launch a range of media projects over the coming months, including an online newspaper, an online TV station and an online radio station, together with a series of regular newsletters.

With this in mind, we’re looking for a team of people with media skills, especially in respect of TV, radio or newspaper and in particular we hope to engage people with skills in editing, journalism, copywriting, proofreading, presenting, directing, producing and creating show content.

4. Get In Touch.

So, if you feel you'd like to get involved as a member of one of our specialist volunteer groups, simply click here to tell us where you feel you could contribute most to help us achieve success with our schools project over the next 12 months (and beyond) and to make a real difference in the world.

5. Sign-Up Today And Start Supporting Your Favourite Cause.

For more information, contact The Wisdom Trust team by emailing us at [email protected] or by calling us on 01883 341199.

To get yourself registered, if you haven't already done so, just click on the link below. Then make sure your own favourite charity or good cause is listed on our website. If it isn't yet, just send them a link so they can sign themselves up as soon as possible. Then you and all their other supporters can start voting online and using The Wisdom Trust website to raise additional funds to support their work, at no additional cost or inconvenience to anyone. And you can think about how best you can contribute to our activities and campaigns, as a member of our volunteer team.

Click here to register today.

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